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Getteröns Bird Observatory
En ny funktion från ringmärkningscentralen som visar Getteröns återfynd, titta gärna!

The bird banding at Getterön’s Bird Observatory started in a small scale in 1958 and more regularly from 1959. The banding has mainly been done by local ringers from the middle of July until the beginning of November. However, in the last years the Bird Observatory has had ringers contracted at periods during the autumn, i.e. the time of the main ringing of passerines.

Ringing is mainly carried out on the Nature Reserve of Getterön but several projects are carried out with a focus on Raptors/Owls, Cormorants and Waders. In the last years ringing is conducted near Naturum Getterön. It is possible to get guided tours in days when ringing is carried out. Since the start about 245 000 birds of 218 species have been banded and 3 329 recoveries and 223 foreign recaptures have been reported. The ringing of Crows during the 60s and 70s are the species that has given most recaptures with a total of 653 crows.

Getterön’s Bird Observatory is sponsored by Varbergs Sparbank and Ringhals.

A normal year on average 4 100 birds of 74 species are ringed. The year 2017 3 540 birds of 69 species were ringed. A modest number. The ten most banded species are;

- Reed Warbler (44 974),
- Willow Warbler (17 712),
- Greenfinch (13 640),
- Yellow Wagtail (12 085),
- Robin (11 592),
- Reed Bunting (10 772),
- Sedge Warbler (10 080),
- Sand Martin (8 961),
- Blackcap (6 623)
- Great Tit (5 637).

Contact: Bo Nielsen 070-204 19 64



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